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virtual hackathons

VirtualHackathon Platform allows you to create and manage virtual hackathons using a friendly user interface.

What can you do with the VirtualHackathon Platform?

Tutors can create and manage their virtual hackathons

The VirtualHackathon Platform back-end is based on Directus (v9.26) which means that managing your virtual hackathons becomes a very friendly process. We have implemented predefined filters, based on hackathon schedule, to easily select among active, finished, under registration, under submission or under review hackathons. The front-end, based on state-of-the-art web technologies, communicates with the back-end via its API and allows you to share your own virtual hackathon page with students and participants.

Directus backend manage hackathons

Participants can submit and manage their projects

Registered users can participate in one or more hackathons and are able to submit one or more projects in a friendly way. They are able to include a promotional image and upload any number of files to support their solution and provide links to repositories, videos, websites, etc.

Directus backend manage projects

Tutors can group participants in teams

Tutors have the ability to create teams from the pool of registered users, facilitating better collaboration and encouraging teamwork. These teams can be assembled by taking into account participants' profiles, including their bios, interests, and soft skills, provided that this information is available and filled out by each participant in their own profile.

Directus backend manage teams

Tutors can review submitted projects

During the review phase of a hackathon, tutors have the ability to assess and rate each project submitted to the hackathon. The review process includes predefined criteria, an overall rating, as well as feedback and comments provided by the reviewer.

Directus backend manage reviews

Tutors can link their roadmap to their hackathon

VirtualHackathon provides a mechanism to create your own educational roadmaps (see more details). The VirtualHackathon platform provides a field to link your roadmap and made it available to participants for their reference. Alternatively you can link the default VirtualHackathon roadmap as well.

Directus backend link roadmap to hackathon

Administrators can create dashboards to show various metrics

Administrators are able to overview several metrics concerning the number of registrations, teams, hackathons, reviews, teams, and more.

Directus backend dashboard

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